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About The Art

“My work is about joy. It’s about the mysterious origin of joy, and the wonder of childhood. (I try to hang on to that wonder with every ounce of my being!!) My art is really a by-product of my life and what I believe about being alive.”


A Work Filled With Details

 The majority of Chris Roberts-Antieau’s artwork is fabric appliqué, a process of layering fabric that is cut, fused, and stitched together. She uses a mechanical Bernina sewing machine, manipulating her variety of fabrics through her machine by hand. Another technique found in her work is “thread-painting,” also known as free-motion machine embroidery. This is a process of layering different colors of thread and ‘drawing’ with the sewing machine, creating added elements like texture and dimension. She is also known for her found-object sculpture, incorporating her finds from antique shops and second-hand stores.  Her sculptures range from her “Tragic Snowglobes” to her Deer Heads made with old pieces of taxidermy.


“Life is a path lit only by the light of those we love.” —Tom Waits